No. 8 The Future You Want to See

"We are tired," one member of COATA said in the rare silence of a virtual meeting, the small windows displayed on the screen with young faces and brave voices seemed to falter at this statement, knowing full well what the speaker was talking about. Would we even get to be the future we want to see?

Tuesday night members had virtually gathered to watch the Presidential Debate unfold in a series of arguments, insults, and out-of-control moderation. While borderline comedic and nearly unbelievable, by the end there was no denying the fear everyone felt after two endless hours of "debate". What would happen to this country? What could happen to our loved ones? What is happening to our future?

Anger hung heavy in the air and frustration was high, but one hope remained: we were more motivated than ever to take back our futures.

Sure, fifty kids and one club could be argued insignificant, but when faced with the choice of silent compliance versus screaming for justice until our throats give out, the strength of every member in the decision to keep fighting is immeasurably more powerful than one man in the Whitehouse.

Despite everything, that Tuesday night convinced me that bravery does not come from the battlefield or reserved for the superheroes in movies. Bravery was found in the small windows of a Discord livestream with members who shared stories of their friends and family, past and present, and the irreplaceable hope for their future.

Remember to tell someone you love them today.


Community Outreach and Activism Through Art

"Untitled" by Cameron -

- "Agathism" by Phoenix

Poem by Yoko

When I pass a man on the street my gaze shifts down;

When I pass a woman I smile and wave.

I feel unsafe walking around town.

Only in my home am I brave.

Why am I more distrustful of men?

Because I know the stories that haven't been told.

Because they have quieted women again and again And if I speak up I am like a child for them to scold. Women are drowning in this fear.

Have you ever wondered why women don't go places alone?

Because they need to know someone will hear A scream or just a change in tone.

Being afraid of men doesn't make me sexist.

It just means I'll always be aware of the exits.