No. 2 Poems of Love, Loss, and Growth

When asked what the next issue of our monthly mental health newsletter should concern, many members wanted to share their experiences through poems. Compiled together are beautiful writings relating to love, loss, and personal growth.


J. F. Renn

The grip of the vice we call the past

Can sting, can burn, can scar to last,

But we hold on for God knows why

To sit, to ponder, to waste our time

While the world watches on in envious wrath

For every person with such gentle a path

That they can afford to worry for naught

That they can afford to remain distraught

In the face of everlasting peace and plenty

For we never know our blessings are many

Until finally a day is come

Where we rest our heads and become numb

From the pain of this world and the stories inside

That cause many a man to weep, to hide

Before angel or demon can cast shadow or light

And change pain to pleasure or contentedness to plight

So now I ask thee, if thou may,

What will appease thy mind this day?

I am

Olivia de Guzman

I am

The thunderstorm before the rainbow

Waiting to peek out from dusty grey clouds.

I am

The force of two dozen oxen

Pushing at their plows.

I am

the shaking of Earth

As new life is conjured out of chaos.

I am

The raging, tumbling sea,

Carrying the fish in my dance and song.

I am

Gentle as the billowing of a warm breeze

Kissing the leaves as I rattle through the trees.

I am

The quiet tears that no one hears

Except for those that spilled them.