The Mental Health Issue

Monthly prompts featuring a range of subjects to express, reflect, and encourage narrative.

Every month, we at COATA send out a prompt to our artists to encourage thought and artistic expression. These prompts are often related to current events, attempting to challenge the artists to question their point of view. These artworks, along with a short writing, are compiled into installments called Mental Health Monthly. These articles help provide a platform for our youth, and create a place for young voices to be heard.

Latest Issue

Taking in all the little things that make like worth living.

Archived Issues

Mental Health Monthly 2020 Edition

Through a year of utter chaos, see how this group of young artists is creating their light at the end of the tunnel.

Non-COATA members are more than welcome to submit an art piece for a Mental Health Monthly article! We release the prompts around the 10th of each month, so if you're interested in receiving updates/info, send us an email at and put "Mental Health Monthly" in the subject line! A representative will get back to you shortly!