Following strict CDC Coronavirus guidelines and social distancing measures, COATA is in the process of organizing multiple events to bring the community together on a myriad of issues. Here you can find our past and upcoming events in the Frederick, MD area.

Past Events

Memorial For the Powerful

During the month of February, COATA, along with Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition, Movement of Harco, DC Teens Action, MD Poor People's Campaign, AAPSU, Moco Against Brutality, and Youth Activism Project -- planned one of our most important events to date.

Honoring Black women who have been unjustly killed by racial violence, the Memorial for the Powerful took place in Washington DC's BLM Plaza on March 13, 2021 -- exactly one year since the murder of Breonna Taylor.

You can read more about the Memorial For the Powerful here: WTOP Washington DC

The Tommy Raskin Campaign

With the help of COATA's wonderful community, our artists have managed to raise over $100.00 dollars for the Tommy Raskin fund. The fund goes towards supporting causes and charities Raskin has championed, including Oxfam, the Helen Keller Institute, and Animal Outlook. We would like to give special thanks to Phoenix Cardwell, Jayden Fosburg, Zoe Magnus, and Connor Keller for their beautiful workmanship and artistry throughout the course of our fundraiser.

Paint and Protest

Members of COATA and passersby gathered during the months of September and October to create artwork for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tarolyn Thrasher

COATA founders had the privilege to speak with local politician and activist Tarolyn Thrasher on local and national issues, along with share a bit of the founding story! You can check out the recorded episode on Tarolyn Thrasher: Next on the Mic at, or on YouTube!

Mental Health and Education

COATA founders met with leaders from the organization DC Teens Action to organize a student-led discussion around mental health in education. The discussion was open to any high school and college students, and lasted from 5:30 to 6:45.

Aside from the arts, COATA has been featured on DC Teens Action and collaborated with wonderful members of Frederick's community, including Frederick United and Fridays for Future Frederick. You can read more about our Paint and Protest events in the Frederick News Post!

Congressman Raskin + COATA

COATA had the opportunity to meet and work with Representative Raskin on issues pertaining to student mental health, health education, and the silent drug epidemic in suburban schools. In December, COATA was featured as Raskin's Local Hero. You can view the interview with founder Olivia de Guzman HERE.

Be on the lookout for future events! We plan to begin holding Paint and Protest events again once COVID-19 cases have decreased. We'll be posting all events to our social medias!