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"If you wish to know what justice is, let injustice pursue you."

~ Eugenio Maria de Hostas

Committed to uplifting our youth, speaking our truths, and fighting for our future.

Welcome to Community Outreach and Activism Through Art!

We're so glad to have you. Interested in joining our cause or participating in our next protest? Check us out HERE!


A Big Thank You To All Those Who Helped!

In honor of COATA's good friend and inspiration Congressmen Jamie Raskin, our artists came together to support the Raskin family through a sketch commission fundraiser that goes towards supporting the Tommy Raskin Fund. Now, as our fundraiser comes to a close, check out some of the amazing artwork COATA has made in reflection of how powerful we can be as a community.

The Memorial For the Powerful

A recap of COATA's March 13th protest memorializing, mourning, and commemorating the lives of Black women who have been murdered by racial violence.